People learn best in different ways. We package a wide choice of training solutions that include traditional instructor led training, multi-media based training and text-based training. Range of products cover user training on desktop applications and technical training on server applications, system development and operating systems, web-author training on web applications and programming.

Corporate Training: Integration and Customization

Edupro follows the best practices in delivering training solutions to its clients. Part of this best practice is to accommodate requests from clients related to location, customized content, and even customized training times. This flexibility allows us to create training models that address specific needs of the client while still adhering to the best practices in delivery and content.

Academic Partnerships

Edupro has partnered with academic institutions to deliver the latest IT training content to their students. Each student receives the same professional content using Microsoft Official Curriculum but over an extended period of time and modularized to fit into the particular needs of the academic institution. Each student graduates with official Microsoft and Edupro Certificates of Completion and is qualified to take the Microsoft Official Certification exams. We offer variety of Technical and Office Productivity trainings and Business Skills workshops to different level of trainees worldwide, giving them the array of choices, using consistent, high quality courseware.